Friday, September 30, 2005

A Conversation Continues

A conversation about re-reading books in the Guardian and discussed at a friend's blog.

I don't re-read books anymore though I did as a teenager. In my teens, I loved A Streetcar Named Desire and read it repeatedly as well as Pygmalian. There were many more but those stand out. Dramatic works were a large portion of my reading diet until I reached adulthood.

I didn't read Middle Age (MA) and Young Adult (YA) books until my adulthood. In my twenties, I found YA novels to be quick, fun reads in between papers due, etc. They also helped through some not-so-great times.

Even children's books don't get re-read though I'm planning to go through the Hardy Boys series soon and I look forward to sharing others with Devyn as she ages.

I've had to re-read books because they appeared in university syllabi after having read for pleasure: Plato's Republic, Crime and Punishment, Notes from Underground, The Scarlet Letter, Waiting for Godot, Hamlet...

There were those that appeared in more than one syllabus at different times: The Aeneid, The Iliad, The Odyssey, The Republic, The Meditations and too many more to enumerate.

There were also the accidental re-reads: books about which I had some vague sense of familiarity but could never be quite sure; then, as soon as deja vu made sense, I would continue to the end.

Unfortunately, I cannot join the club: War and Peace was never able to sustain my interest though I did (once) thoroughly enjoy The Death of Ivan Ilych.


  1. I'm waiting for something you're embarrassed about rereading...

    (I too enjoyed Ivan Ilyich, but twice and a half.)

  2. Oh, ok. Let's see...I really can't think of anything I'm embarrassed about re-reading but there are books that I'm embarrassed about having read and others about wanting to read.

    These I've read and were embarrassed about:
    Lillian Jackson Braun's The Cat Who...series, Dorothy Gilman'sMrs. Pollack series.

    I'm embarrassed that I keep looking to see if there are any new Gilman novels...

    I promise that, should something come to mind, I will blog about it.

    Oh, now, something just came to mind: I used to re-read Agatha Christie novels and At Bertram's Place was one that I re-read during my last extended stay in London (UK).

    There! I did it...

  3. Oops, error: At Bertram's Hotel

  4. Oh, Jesus, I feel sorry for you. War and Peace is an amazing piece of lit. If you read it as an adult, it is completely different than as a college student. I urge you to reread it, especially in times of perpetual war like these!

  5. I will definitely pick it up again. :-)

    I just couldn't keep interested all those years ago but it deserves a second chance.