Sunday, September 11, 2005

I Will Never NOT EVER Eat A Tomato

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I love this book. The pace is rapid and the mixed-media, cut-and-paste appearance of the illustrations is imaginative and eye-catching.

Even the fonts are playful if just a little distracting to the reader.

From New York Times Book Review: "Very funny indeed."

From Publishers Weekly:

A delectable variation on the picky-eater-themed tale...Apt not to be satiated with one serving of the appetizing fare, youngsters will never--not ever--pass up a second helping.

Book Information:

Author: Lauren Child
Illustrated: Lauren Child
Publisher: Candlewick Press (2000)
Edition: First U.S.(2003)
Format: Softcover, 32 pp
Trim Size: 10.76 x 9.82 in
ISBN: 0-7636-2180-3
Reading Level: Ages 4 - 8

Illustrations: Mixed Media

Winner: Kate Greenaway Medal
Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Seal Award Winner 2001


  1. Looks like a fun book.

  2. Is she the same person who does the show about the boy and his little sister on Playhouse Disney? My daughter loves that show!!! Haha, I had to ask her who they are, and she informed me that they are Charlie and Lola. Is she correct?

  3. She's correct!

  4. My daughter has seen Charlie and Lola a couple of times and loves it. I'll defintely have to look into getting it!