Saturday, January 07, 2006


Fine. Sometimes, change is good.

Despite my earlier concerns, I find myself enjoying the new MacLean's. It truly isn't the same periodical and the maple leaf-instead-of-an-apostrophe on the front cover did signal more than a cosmetic change.

It's not stuffy and it's not tabloid. Politics and popular culture nest alongside each other if not in harmony then, at least, in a resigned state of mutual recognition.

Some might even say that the magazine has an earthy tone. In the most recent issue (Jan. 9-16), one article ("Murder by numbers") focuses on gun violence in Toronto and gun provenance in Canada, while another ("Jesus is our homey") addresses a "hip, bold take on Christianity" found in Geez magazine. In business? "Revenge of the geeks" discusses a comeback of the dot-com-ers in Ottawa. It's not news from concentrate. It's digging deeper and it's also opinion.

The new MacLean's makes me think of New York Magazine, or, at least, what I imagine New York Magazine might have been like in its earlier days of the late 1960s.

Is the new MacLean's hip? I don't know. I'm not hip.

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