Saturday, July 01, 2006

My Self

Just bought: Junk Mail (2006) by Will Self (his literary journalism, bought last week) and Edmonds's translation of War and Peace. This afternoon I had occasion to read the first article of Junk Mail. Typical, hot Will Self. In this piece, he's hanging out with drug dealers and describing the subculture. Deceptively casual, reminds me of banter.

It's 1991 all over again for me when I connect with him. The Quantity Theory of Insanity Together With Five Supporting Propositions, see "The North London Book Of The Dead" and "The Quantity Theory of Insanity." Actually, read it. Doris Lessing did:

Very funny and very good, with that unmistakable sign of the genuine comic writer: absurdity unfurls logically from absurdity, but always as a mirror of what we are living in- and wish we didn't. (Back cover blurb.)

I love Dr. Jules Smith's description:

His narrative voice, whether in short stories or lengthy novels, is relentlessly surreal-comic, smart and vehement... (British Council Arts, Biography: Will Self)

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