Wednesday, September 26, 2007

How? Why?

I have tried so hard to keep it from happening but it doesn't matter; my efforts have been futile.

While I've spent the month carefully selecting and planning our daily reading times together, Devyn has been taking trips to the school library (per the class schedule). As it turns out, she consistently chooses the "Critters" books (Mercer Mayer) or Arthur.

Well, at least, she's getting a wide exposure to different narrative and illustrative styles during our time together.

I must admit that I'm fascinated or perplexed by Devyn's ostensibly visceral rejection of a book that she's (1) never read with me; (2) never read with anyone else and (3) never looked through on her own.

It's called Sophie by Mem Fox. I'd chosen it because her grandparents aren't well (she doesn't know this) and thought it might help us subtly work through some issues in that regard because the book's treatment of the subject is so gentle. She won't have anything to do with it and looks almost afraid when she rejects it. She's rejected it four times! I won't push the issue any further.

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