Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Those cool cards . . .

I noticed a deck of playing cards -- that I'd bought on one of our too-many trips to the toy store -- on a dusty shelf in the basement. The illustration of the box was what attracted me on that particular day and this evening.

The colours are impressive: jazzy, even.

I know that I bought them long before my daughter was able to play cards (she's five and only recently learned how to hold cards fanned out in a 'hand'). I bought them because I liked them.

If I'd paid any attention whatsoever to the packaging, I would have noticed that they are the product of Chris Raschka's hands as part of the Eeboo Great Illustrators Playing Cards Series. A pleasant surprise!

Chris Raschka is the author/illustrator of the rhythmic Charlie Parker Played Be-Bop, a picture book read countless times over the past couple of years in our home. I look forward to reading it with my younger daughter.

The series is still available but it's difficult to actually find out the name of the illustrator of each deck. I lost patience after trying the most obvious: eeBoo, Baby Geniuses, etc.

But, in the search for some, any information about these playing cards, I discovered that a book that I'd bought just last month was, coincidentally, recalled last month due to possible lead contamination of an attached gift item. An unpleasant surprise!

The Magical Ballet Slippers comes with a ballet-slippers charm.

Anyway, obviously, not all of my shopping works out. But, I'm going to look for Charlie Parker Played Be-Bop now -- it has to be around here somewhere -- because I know my baby will enjoy it, even at 15 months of age. As for the cards, I'll show them to Devyn. I know she'll love them as much as I do.

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