Tuesday, January 27, 2009

And she's off!

It finally occurred to me the other day -- as Devyn read a book without any preparation or hesitation -- that she is now a reader. Yesterday, I realized she is also a printer when she showed me a sentence she had written on her own without dictation.

Wow. I've waited for these moments as I recalled taking a book impatiently from my own mother's hands and deciding to read it myself as she wasn't doing it "just right". I was probably Devyn's age.

The little reader books sent home each day gave her confidence to just "let go" and jump in.

The school's curriculum includes this as a goal: kindergartner's reading and printing. They started preparing in JK and now the feelings I experience as she is reading and printing are beyond joy. I'm happy for her, really very happy for her and another little reader has popped up in the universe.

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