Sunday, October 25, 2009

A village tale

"Once upon a time," I began, "there was a young lady, who was very poor and very sad. She lived in a village where people always laughed and danced and were very happy."

The girls stopped playing with their bath toys and looked at me.

"She was so sad because she didn't have any friends, even though she was surrounded by so many laughing and dancing people. So, she decided to go to sleep and she slept soundly. But her dreams were interrupted by a voice that spoke to her:

'You need to go out into the village, to an inn. You will know the inn. You need to dance and laugh.'

When the sad, young lady awoke, she said:

'Oh, my, I'm hungry!'

So she changed into her tattered best clothes and headed off into the village, straying a little farther than she had ever done before. For, after all that sleep, she was feeling a little brave, too. She walked until she came to an inn. She had come to THE inn.

It was dark inside but the lady could hear the voices of people making merry. She could see some people and one person in particular caught her eye.

'Surely, he is kind,' the lady said to herself, for she had no idea that he was a prince. And when they spoke, the man told her: 'You are a princess. You have a gift. Whenever you speak, your words sound like music. We must be married.'

Oh, how her heart fluttered! And then he said . . ."

"I think he chose the wrong lady," Devyn interrupted.


"I think she's old."

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