Saturday, January 09, 2010

Notable conversations

Last night, after school, Devyn was speaking French and one word in particular was said with such perfect pronunciation that it put both Keith and myself to shame as far as our French goes! It's the "r" sound that follows "par". Being around someone speaking French consistently has really helped her.

That being said, I want to make note of some conversations of the past week that either caused shock, laughter or both. Because Devyn is at school all of the day, her teacher gets to hear all the great things that Devyn has to say -- one unfortunate consequence of having your child in school full-time -- so I only have Molly's words until the summer.


It's getting close to the girls' bedtime and our guests are still here. We're seated around the dining room table eating delivered pizza and, somehow, the subject of monsters comes up. Devyn didn't worry about such things -- she was mostly concerned about ghosts but monsters were definitely the stuff of imagination to her.

For Molly, however, it is monsters and, recently, she has taken to hiding Poe -- a cute 'Ugly Doll' stuffed animal -- under her bed before going to sleep. (Technically, Poe is an Ugly Dragon.) During the day, it's a special stuffed toy because Keith bought it for her in NYC last year. They were all the rage.

"I don't like scary green monsters," Molly says.

"Well, there are no monsters here," we reassure her.

"Do you think that Mummy would allow monsters in the house around her children?" I seek to further reassure her.

"Yes," Keith adds. "We would never allow monsters around our children."

Molly looks confused and, without skipping a beat, points out: "But YOU bought POE."


On the way to the car after preschool on Thursday, I ask Molly repeatedly to hold my hand and she refuses. The last time I ask, she says,

"Don't embarrass me!"

With just four months or so to go until her birthday, I'm getting a little nervous about what "three" is going to look like!


Molly says - after reaching the potty, "What a minute, wait a minute! There's no toilet paper!"

Oh, the drama . . .


The kids have been asked to watch cartoons as Keith and I eat an early supper while preparing supper for the girls. When Molly asks if she may stay, I say 'no':

"No is not nice, Mummy. No is not nice!" Molly yells angrily at me and slams the kitchen door. A minute or so later, she is back in the kitchen, I give her some of my meal and ask her to return to the living room. She leaves. This time, as she opens the kitchen door, she turns and says, "I'm sorry for bossing you, Mummy. I'm sorry for bossing you."


Molly has become really fascinated by volcanoes. She speaks of them often everyday. On the way back from a doctor's appointment yesterday:

"Can we see a volcano?" She asks as always.

"Yes, we can. Well, maybe not a live volcano; maybe one that has been quiet for a long time." This is my usual answer, too.

"But I want to see a scary volcano. A volcano with molten lava."

Now, it may be time to bring out the volcano kit I bought years ago.

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