Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Home, Sweet . . .

So, spring has arrived and I have finally gotten around to the posts that I started back in January. . .

I was sad that our last Christmas vacation day had arrived and I asked Molly what she would like to do for fun on January 11th. Engrossed, I was making my way up and down the aisles of our local book store when I cast my eyes around to find a too-quiet Molly--I actually gasped when I saw her!

The employees know us very well. They told me that she was actually pretty safe there and that the structure was very stable. It was impossible to convince Molly to leave.

"Can't we stay a little more longer?"

It is fitting that an hours-long trip to the book store was what Molly wanted.
When we went to pick up Devyn from school? She grabbed a book for the trip.


The only  difficulty was that, after Devyn's dismissal, I agreed to stay around the school yard so that they could play with some friends. Then, when Devyn went to play, Molly and I leaned against a fence while she begged me to read about static electricity with her. I explained that it was far too cold to sit and read (bad mother!) and that she should really be playing instead, but that wasn't what she wanted to do. So, with winter wind chaffing my unprotected cheeks, I tried to sound enthusiastic about electricity instead of lamenting that I had none with which to warm myself at that point in time.

Yesterday, I actually found myself asking her junior kindergarten teacher if Molly could take books to class for recess...I am serious. As it turns out, Molly opted to play yesterday at nutrition break but I guess just knowing that she could look at books instead was good enough for her.

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