Thursday, August 02, 2012

I always say that I'm going to read more Dickens but...

You can't believe absolutely everything you tell yourself, can you? Anyway, Martin Amis makes me want to read--and I mean, really want to read--more of Dickens as a "much misunderstood and mis-appproached writer":
...he tends to be read, particularly in the twentieth century, as a social commentator--a realist in his way. But he isn't at all like that. His genre is actually more like a fairy tale--weird transformations, long voyages from which people come back altered, parental mysteries, semi-magical twists. 
(New York Magazine, July 30, 2012) 
I'm intrigued by this description because I've never seen Dickens cast as a misunderstood writer before...In fact, I haven't paid much attention to Charles Dickens at all in the past 20 years and much less to anything written about his work.

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