Friday, May 31, 2013

And after school, a storm

Whether the weather is warm, 
Whether the weather is hot, 
We have to put up with the weather,
Whether we like it or not.
(Traditional rhyme)

While on the back patio, I notice that the wind picks up and the sky darkens. The girls stop playing; we all look up.

I yell, "Run for it!" and the girls, the cat, and I -- in that order -- all sprint for the door. Before I reach the door, the sky opens up and, within a second or two, I am drenched.

Malibu the cat, who has been behind her, suddenly overtakes Molly. But even as I hear a very loud bang and shattering glass, I don't yet know the extent of her mischief until I discover Devyn, under whose feet Malibu had run, on the kitchen floor. She is rubbing the elbow on which she'd landed (after banging into the trolley). Malibu is nowhere to be found...

I wish that I'd taken a photo of the sky
and of the storm.
At any rate, before bedtime, Molly inspects the front yard for damage.

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