Friday, January 23, 2004

My Beloved Books

Finally, my Gothic novels have been counted, sorted, recorded as to pertinent details and stored on my computer and handheld computer. One genre down, thousands more books to go.

Unfortunately, so many of our books are in boxes in the basement (even though we have many bookshelves filled in our home), about 30 boxes in all. It is disheartening to know that they are there in the basement (safe though they are in archival materials).

Antiques & Collectibles. This is the next genre that I will tackle. I already have about 20 books of this kind recorded. So much time is spent cataloging things in my life! I like organization, especially where books are concerned. Lest I am misconstrued, I do not consider books to be clutter as so many of us do.

We have acquaintances who bought a brand-new home. The floors are shiny, clean and slippery. Nothing wrong with that, right? Every room has furnishing of some sort, but it only looks as if someone could live there but does not. The only great problem is a strong aversion to clutter (I have not seen a single book). The wife told me that she has a "thing" about clutter. She went so far as to describe how she manages material in her home: if it isn't necessary or being used, in the garbage it goes.

"What about letters, etc.?" Surely, she is exaggerating.

"Nothing stays. I'm absolutely phobic about it."

The home had beautiful shrubbery just outside her office window. "Those are going, too." She nodded towards the window.

"I'm sorry, did you say the shrubs are going?"

"Yes, they are cluttering up my space."

So, everyone has her own sense of space and clutter. I could not feel at home without my books. I have sacrificed habitable areas for bookshelves. In my world, organizing books means, at the moment, to acknowledge their existence in a meaningful way. In a perfect world, every book has a place on a shelf. In a perfect world, no book would be unwanted.

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