Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Book Ends

I'm almost finished transferring all of my children's books to Devyn's new playroom (a change necessitated by a lack of space in the basement). There are two boxes left.

I almost bought a collection of Biscuit stories today but I reminded myself that such books are readily available at the library. They're cute, light, early-reading books that my toddler enjoys for the noises: Thump! Bang! Woof! Do I need them to be part of a permanent collection? I don't think so.

Lately, I have found a surprising number of Caillou books at the local dollar store and one even included a height chart.

A jaunt into a thrift store at the end of the day today yielded a box of hand-picked children's books that helped me to complete some series.

Finally, I picked up the July/August issue of The Walrus. I'm still attempting to read an article from the April 2005 issue: "Danger Signs" by Larry Frolick. Just ten more minutes would do it.

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