Tuesday, July 25, 2006

If I Stop To Think About It...

K was on two business trips in as many weeks, I developed bronchitis/sinus infection and a sprained foot and I renovated the dining room, threw Devyn a birthday party and got my driver's license. This past week was all about playing through the pain.


I feel deprived of reading lately. I've been busy but I have managed to get halfway through Louise Welsh's The Cutting Room in the past week or so. War and Peace is still on my nightstand, in my thoughts and on my list of Books to Finish.


Yesterday, after getting my G1 license, I went into a big-chain bookstore and bought myself, Signs Taken For Wonders: On the Sociology of Literary Forms by Franco Moretti.


I've just learnt that, this year, TD Canadian Book Week will be November 18 - 25.


The Cutting Room

It's dark and brooding and so is the unconventional narrator. Sometimes, again, I'm playing through the pain: it's not always believable but it's more interesting than the Ontario Driver's Handbook.


I've become disenchanted with Ian Falconer's titular character. For Devyn's birthday, I bought Olivia Forms A Band and there just isn't much to it. I know that what counts is that my three-year-old is still buoyed by the adventures of this pig.

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