Sunday, December 16, 2007

Settling in

I finally finished my second journalism course. It was fun and not too difficult. My next course starts on January 11. I'm aiming for one course per term.

Devyn's finally established in Junior Kindergarten. Despite her surprising lack of confidence, she is now printing and sounding out words. She has started to read.

I'm surprised by Molly's interest in stories being read. She is always present for Devyn's bedtime ritual and it's clear that she examines the pages and listens to the narrative. I've started to read to her. In the first week of December, my mother brought the girls some pop-up books and Molly threw a tantrum each time hers was removed from her hands. This is a side to her that I'd never seen before.

Tonight, for the first time -- it being Christmas, after all -- it suddenly occurred to me to collect all of the children's christmas books (never read) and place them in the living room where they're most likely to be read throughout the next couple of weeks.

In fact, Devyn and I read this evening: Santa Mouse, Christmas With the Santa Bears and The Berenstain Bears Meet Santa Bear.

And I have been recording all of the books that I read to the girls but haven't bothered to post about it since October, I think.

I could cite any number of reasons. We've had bout after bout of illness making the rounds. I'm still adjusting to having two children and not just one to look after. Actually, though, I'm tired. Sometimes, I fall asleep when putting Molly down at 6:00 or 7:00 pm.

Keith and Devyn are the ones in the family who actually have energy and they keep each other busy: Today, they sled down the hill in our backyard and made snow angels, too.

They also have a game that they play several times a day in the kitchen: Devyn asks Keith how to spell a word or asks for a word to spell and they use the foamy magnetic letters on the fridge. I can hear their voices raised in excitement.

At the moment, everyone is asleep. Well, except for me but I'm on my way to bed.

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