Sunday, March 09, 2008

Down The Pipe

I just ordered Manil Suri's The Death of Vishnu. I also just bought Girls of Riyadh by Rajaa Alsanea and Intrepreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri . I've steadfastly avoided seeing anything about the movie based on The Namesake because I don't want it to spoil the reading experience for me (because I do intend to restart and actually finish it soon).

But, even though at times I don't want to do so, I'm faithfully reading Smilla's Sense of Snow by Peter Hoeg. It's well-written and the characters are interesting; the plot creates suspense but it's not magical for me though I was drawn to its setting in Denmark. I'm not excited about this book; but, then, I haven't finished it, either. I'm uncomfortable saying much about it at the moment.

For Devyn's Easter present, I ordered The Pigeon Finds A Hot Dog by Mo Willems. The series promotes complete interaction from page to page and Devyn goes "crazy like a pig" for Mo Willems's pigeons.

What I am really waiting for is Say You're One of Them by Uwem Akpan, a collection of short fiction due out in June 2008. I actually have it marked on my calendar. In the meantime, I ordered from Audible a reading of one of Uwem Akpan's short stories from the New Yorker Festival 2006 (it also features fiction by Louise Erdrich). I haven't even had time to find out which story it actually is!

Devyn and Molly's Scholastic order arrived on Friday. It's large. Maybe I'll post the titles with links later. No promises.


Short fiction, Uwem Akpan, "My Parents' Bedroom" The New Yorker (June 12, 2006)
Uwem Akpan Interview with Cressida Leyshon, The New Yorker (June 13, 2005).
Short fiction, Uwem Akpan, "An Xmas Feast" The New Yorker (June 13, 2005)

Short fiction, Jhumpa Lahiri, "Once In A Lifetime" The New Yorker (May 8, 2006)
Article, Pulitzer for Jhumpa Lahiri, (April 11, 2000)
Article, Lahiri as one of 20 writers for 21st century, (June 19, 1999)


  1. Hello! I spied your site on Metaxucafe. I noticed that you have a blog devoted to cataloguing all your books and wanted to let you know of a , perhaps, easier option if you weren't yet aware of it. Library Thing is probably the best site out there for cataloguing books. It pulls books from international Amazon and library sites including the Library of Congress and the British Library; if the book isn't there you can manually enter it yourself. It also has several great features and they're adding better ones all the time. The only catch is that one can only add the first 200 books for free, and after that you have to pay a small fee, either a yearly or lifetime membership. (It allows some leverage in the pricing of that too, where it allows you to choose a price from a range, making it easier for people to afford it or be more generous, if they like.)

    There are others that are completely free but aren't nearly as flexible or useful, in my opinion, like GoodReads and Shelfari. They pull from a limited database, don't allow you to submit your own editions or book covers, search is awkward, etc. But! others swear by them. You should try them out and see which one suits you. They are all, I think, much easier for cataloguing compared to putting it on blogger. :)

  2. Suzanne1:08 PM

    Thanks, Imani!

    Coincidentally, my husband and I have been discussing Library Thing as an option.

    I'm encouraged by your positive review of it.

    (We've also decided to pare down the collection.)

  3. I hated Smilla (the book, not the character), and there's not many books I'd say that about.

  4. Suzanne1:40 PM

    Frankly, I can't stand Smilla-the-character; I cringe at times because I don't find her credible.

  5. Suzanne1:45 PM

    But I think the language is beautiful and there are some passages that are thought-provoking. I've gotten further along and the "mystery" is taking too long to unfold; so, I retract what I said earlier: I don't find it well-written. Will I like it in the end???