Friday, June 13, 2008


of myself to books

I find that I can only read if it's an ebook and if it's on my Palm Treo 700w because there is so little prior commitment involved. Anyway, my appetite has been voracious lately: five in the past month which, for me, is a good record since the start of my pregnancy in 2007.

Unfortunately, reading this much this quickly with two children on hand (full time) means that my notes are sporadic at times and I might not always remember where I put them (the notes, not the children). The good news is that, of necessity, reading speed has increased. I used to have time only to read to the children -- hence, the blog title -- but now with faster reading, since giving up the small amount of television that I used to watch, and reading during some tasks, I've carved out some small space to which I may escape.

I've been working through my thoughts about the last four books but especially about Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures by Vincent Lam. This will probably be the topic of my next post. This book actually represents a deviation from my projected path -- the Path This Year -- of South Asian, Middle Eastern, Caribbean, and African fiction and memoirs.

I've almost finished another deviation from The Path: The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time (Mark Haddon) and I'm trying to decide which book will follow.

of the kids to books

Being Devyn's first year in school (JK), I actually had a 'Scholastic Club' monthly budget. It seems doubly justifiable now that I have another daughter. I'm rounding out their collection of nonfiction and picking up some classics at lower-than-usual prices.

I am reluctantly storing away all titles -- meaning chapter books, middle and young adult --intended for children over the age of seven. (I've taken photographs of each book before it enters a bin in order to achieve some organization). Culling the shelves is necessary because they have many hundreds and poor Devyn's room is cluttered.

Devyn achieved her final "Snuggle Up and Read" certificate this past Wednesday for having read over 500 books with us since October.

Little Molly (13 months) loves books, especially small ones with vivid colour. She has been able to turn pages one-by-one for a long time and it always amazes me when she arrives at a page but then, as an afterthought, returns to the previous one in order to revisit something. She always asks, "Whaz dat?" when doing so, when doing anything. She sometimes falls asleep looking at a book but, unfortunately, not very often. (This technique might work more often if I were to turn on a light for her).

Devyn loves to 'read' to her as she sits in Molly's rocking chair and Molly listens from her crib. Of course, there is often a child's CD blaring in the background so the narrative in itself could hardly be considered a soothing experience for the baby.

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