Sunday, July 26, 2009


Camping, preparing two birthday parties, having two birthday parties, in the same week left little room to read.

But I've never tried so hard -- and failed -- to read. While camping earlier in the week, I couldn't charge my Treo telephone (a problem I've had for months and which is worsening). I was fumbling in the car every chance I got, trying to make the car charger communicate through an unyielding socket. It never worked.

So, with the charge at less than 30 per cent, and once the kids were sleeping in the tent, on the last night I sat in a mesh-enclosed gazebo with the moist air heavy on my skin and in my clothes. I tried to read the last of The Hakawati but the mosquitoes had found a way in and, frankly, I felt burdened under cold clothes and under the stress of a relentless downpour.

That was my final effort because there wasn't an opportunity until this morning. On the way to Devyn's second birthday party, as promised, I read the girls a story in the car: Eloise and the Very Secret Room. OK, it wasn't from my bookshelf but this little bit of reading time made the girls so happy -- made me happy -- that it settled us all: It anchored us to a small part of our routine that was otherwise lost this week.

Ready-to-Read, Level 1 book based on the art of Hilary Knight -- Kay Thompson (Author), Ellen Weiss (Author), Tammie Lyon (Illustrator)

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