Friday, January 29, 2010

Notes / Molly reading

We exhausted yesterday's lot from the library, so Keith dashed out to the library before it closed this evening for our weekend's stash. By 9 a.m., about half the books had been read. We slowed down as the day wore on.

Volcano! - Ellen J. Prager/illus. Nancy Woodman
Jazz Baby - Lisa Wheeler/illus. R. Gregory Christie (x2)
How's the Weather? It's Stormy! - Julie Richards
We Need Doctors - Lola M. Schaefer
I'm Going to New York to Visit the Lions - illus. Tanya Roitman
Caillou: The Shopping Trip - Nicole Nadeau/illus. Claude Lapierre
Biscuit - A. Satin Capucilli
Biscuit Takes A Walk - A. Satin Capucilli
I Want To Be A Doctor - Dan Liebman
Earthquakes - Ellen J. Prager/illus. Susan Greenstein
Grumpy Bird - Jeremy Tankard (x2)
Sesame Street: B is for Books - Annie Cobb/illus. Joe Mathieu
Our Earth - Anne Rockwell
Finding Nemo: Just Keep Swimming - Melissa Lagonegro/illus. A.P. Harchy
I'm a Caterpillar - J. Marzollo/illus. J. Moffat

Somewhere among the last three titles, the poor kid threw a tantrum because I couldn't read to her. As she has done since a young toddler, she forcefully pushed the book into my lap. When that didn't work, she tried opening my hands in order for me to grasp the book. I kept resisting, all the while gently reminding her that I would be available to read to her once I had completed something. Finally, I won and she burst into tears. Let's hope tomorrow goes more smoothly.

Devyn was sick with a stomach bug today -- having fallen ill yesterday afternoon -- and has slept most of the day as well as watched movies and played games.

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