Friday, November 16, 2012

I've been drawing a story for the girls...

One of my projects has been to illustrate a story about my grandparents for my daughters. I'm no artist and I want to show them that art isn't about perfection, at least for me -- it's about expressing yourself, getting the ideas out and making them come to life as you see them.

Importantly, I also want my girls to know that being themselves is about appreciating their differences and not about who can be the best at hiding them.

My grandparents lived exactly as they wanted to live and didn't seem to care about the societal pressures to be like Canadian grandparents. My grandmother didn't cook, clean, garden, knit or sew; my grandfather did. They didn't own a house; they owned a condo. There wasn't a playground when we visited; I played in my grandmother's home office among ill-arranged furniture. There weren't toys; my grandmother gave me calculators for entertainment...

Above all, they demonstrated that being different is, oddly, what makes us like everyone else :)

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