Saturday, April 30, 2005

Susan Maushart

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Bargain-bin-hopping shopping. I live within five minutes of a Coles Bookstore (yes, I mentioned the business name). Two or three times a week, Devyn and I walk over and peruse the bargain boxes, look for new releases and interesting magazines. (O.K., she sits there, hanging out the side of the stroller, occasionally grabbing books off the shelves.)

I picked up a copy of Wifework for $2.99 less 10 per cent (my iRewards card). I started reading it this evening. I like her wit:

So, you're Dr Susan Maushart?

I am, and let's not forget that. I trot that out when I need a bank loan because I think having a PhD is a bit like having nits: you shouldn't flaunt it but it's a good way of getting people to back off when you need some space

I will undergo a Sleep Study tomorrow night. I figured that this would make intriguing reading (one predictable message, however: in the division of household labour, women perform the most work and this can be seen worldwide. I have been seeing this message since 1988.) The precise distinction between men's marriage and women's marriage has begun to arouse my curiosity over the past 10 years or so. Besides, there are enough mind-numbing statistics to help me fall asleep. It can be tiresome for me to read statistic after statistic because I find it difficult to concentrate (with such questions as, which study? how was the data gathered? who gathered it? how did the author compile it? why this study?) on the point.

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