Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Now I Lay Me Down To Read

I lay down to read last night, surrounded by two The Walrus
magazines and a minipedia on World Mythology and promptly fell asleep.

I know it wasn't the material. I wish that I could have enjoyed the reading time because I had been looking forward to it, felt refreshed and was sure I'd get a couple of hours into some inspiration for writing.

Oh, well. Better luck next time.

I spent yesterday looking online for a particular toy for Devyn (the Tupperware Shape-O shape-sorter, like I used to have) and for some flashcards.

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...A playdate that was scheduled didn't take place: Devyn and I were stood up without word before or since. We went shopping instead.

...Today is supposed to be 22 degrees! I'm hoping that this is the case.

...We received word yesterday that our water service would be interrupted for 8 hours due to construction.

We spent Sunday at my in-laws' home. We all walked down to a nearby park at which Devyn learned about flying a kite and, to my chagrin, that other people push her higher on the swings than I do. My stomach was in knots.

I went down a slide with her, however, and had great fun.

A cute report: Devyn's adult-like sunglasses are worn with finesse all day. She loves them and wearing them garners her much attention from people who just have to stop and comment.

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