Monday, June 06, 2005

The Bookstore Cure

Devyn and I were in a bookstore yesterday (as usual) and it occurred to me that I didn't even WANT to buy a book. I was there because it makes me feel better. I was there because my house--with its renovation, ever-present inlaws doing renovations, a dozen gardens that need weeding, six baskets full of laundry to be put away and an ever-shrinking kitchen--is insane.

Bookstores make me feel better in much the same way that libraries do. Maybe I'm teaching Devyn a useful coping mechanism for stress.

My relationship with Dan Brown and Angels & Demons is still flirtatious at best. Though significantly deeper into the story now, I have yet to have an hour devoted to reading.

My first job--a comic-book store clerk--lasted for three years: I learnt much of Science Fiction because of one large wall that held used SF books.

An independent bookstore offered me a job that helped me get through university and beyond. It sold both new and used books and it boasted the largest number of mags (including imported porn) in the city. Its senior-citizen owner wore slips that dragged down to her ankles and she barked out commands with a cigarette--whose arc of ashes always defied gravity--stuck in the side of her mouth.

The job was stressful but coveted among university students (though I still don't know why). I learnt much of various publishers and their relationships to bookstores. Near the end of my Tour of Duty, I was exclusively ordering, etc. instead of clerking.

I sought solace from the stresses of school deadlines in this bookstore.

I hope that Devyn eventually learns the same.

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