Sunday, December 18, 2005

Where Is My Mind?

This area of my life has been disorganized. While I've got a handle on homemaking, childrearing and working, sort of, I haven't been able to settle into a good book.

I attempted to read Trace by Patricia Cornwell because I knew that a copy of Predator (her most recent) was on its way to me. Unfortunately, as with Blowfly, I was completely disinterested by the time the narration shifted, this time, to the perspective of the psychopathic criminal.

I've drifted among middle reader and young adult and picture books. (My library books are now overdue). I've neglected to record any that I have read.

There have been several articles (sources: New Yorker, New York, The Walrus) that I have not, despite my earlier vow, recorded herein.

Anyway, I think that once the Christmas holiday is over, once the New Year begins, I will be able to find my book. A book. Any book.

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