Friday, September 14, 2007

Visual Bookshelf I + II (notes on Facebook) - Updated

I think this (Visual Bookshop app) is a great idea, except for the fact that people get updated in the News Feed on Facebook to the degree that it could be annoying. Sorry folks!

I started adding books I've already read until I realized (1) I doubt I could remember every book I've ever read and (2) it would take a long time to do this. So, I've decided to list only the books I've read in past month or so.

I thought it would be a good idea to keep track of the books that I read to Devyn for a year: starting September 11.

Of course, now my bookspace reads more like a this-is-what-I-want-to-read-vs.-this-is-what-I-get-to-read.

But, I love children's books. Well, except for the Berenstain Bears, Dora, Thomas The Tank Engine and Blue's Clues. I'm sick of Madeline now because Devyn's jag is unrelenting. I also hate Clifford the Dog and anything to do with Caillou.

To keep her from requesting Madeline cartoons and movies repeatedly, I read to her. I just prop Molly up in her Bumbo seat and Devyn sits beside her in front of me and I read before snack time, lunch time, naptime, etc. Then, there's also practicing her tracing, letters, numbers and so forth. Mix in the changing/feeding/comforting baby and a host of other responsibilities and it's a busy day... But we must read.

Next week, Devyn will be in school five days a week (JK and the JK programme at daycare) and I'll miss reading to her.

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