Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Relationship to nonfiction, etc.

Without a doubt, my older child is a scientist. With questions ranging from: "How does the water get to our house? To our bathtub? How does it get hot by the time it gets to our tub?" to "How long will it take my flashlight to melt my Freezie?", it is hard to answer each question.

I can't even answer all of her questions (and sometimes defer to Keith) and it isn't due to mere exhaustion (though that does play a role). But, when at the Discovery Centre last Family Day she could be heard loudly requesting, "Show me an orbit! Show me something in an orbit", I hastily looked for a picture of a satellite or a planet.

So, I'm almost surprised that she naturally gravitates to fiction for reading but I wonder if it isn't because I actually make fiction more available. Over the years, I've amassed a not inconsiderable number of nonfiction titles under diverse topics: how homes are built, insects and bugs, dinosaurs, manners, stranger safety, rocks and minerals, planets, etc. She loves them but when she reaches for a book, it's either one of my titles (to which she makes up her own story) or a picture book.

(Myself, I am drawn more to nonfiction. Well, not so much in the past year, actually. Anyway, I digress.)

She draws and colours but doesn't enjoy them as much as other little girls her age that I've observed. She would rather collect rocks or run around pretending to be something. She could add and subtract at the supper table before she could be taught to print.

Now, she LOVES jigsaw puzzles. The bigger, the better.

In fact, she is "very, very good," the health club child-minder told me yesterday. "Children like this often turn out to be brilliant."

Puzzles. Her son used to do 60-piece puzzles at the age of two. Now, he works for (insert LARGE COMPUTER COMPANY) in California. Devyn's appreciation of puzzles is expansive but she certainly didn't start that large and at so young an age.

When she grows up, she wants to be either a firefighter or a doctor. At the moment, she's enjoying a princess phase, so she speaks often of Ariel, Jasmine, Aurora, Annalise and Snow White and might also like to be a princess. I just hope she continues to read and to do experiments, no matter what she ends up doing or being.

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