Monday, November 23, 2009

Vendredi et le week-end

As I half expected, enrolling Devyn in French Immersion resulted in a hybrid language being spoken around the house -- this I was assurred is the first step towards bilingualism.

"Maman, est-ce que je peux une boire de l'eau? Thanks!"

"Combien de jours until Vendredi?"

"Mummy, quel jour is it? Vendredi?

Vendredi is very important in our house. It's Devyn's show-and-share day though the show part of the equation has pretty much been eliminated by now and she simply gets to speak of something important.

I get almost daily updates from the teacher that Devyn is speaking more freely in class, that she is doing very well, that she learns best when something new is introduced with music (e.g., a song).

I've had to re-learn and improve my French and Keith, well, he simply has never forgotten. In fact, Devyn's teacher has told me that Keith has great French. He speaks it to our child in the evenings and she has begun to respond more and more in French instead of in English. I think my French is getting better.

But, lately, Devyn's mind has simply exploded in French. She speaks without hesitation, sounds far less anglo than I do and the English components of sentences are disappearing. Her vocabulaire has grown exponentially. So, too, has her confidence.

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