Monday, February 01, 2010


As soon as it felt like morning to me, I went into the girls' room.  I hadn't spoken to them since supper the night before and the babysitter had mentioned a Molly meltdown.  As usual, they were both wide awake.  Devyn was pleased to announce that she had been able to comfort her sister in my absence.  I climbed onto the bottom bunk and covered up to get warm.

"I missed you so so much, Mummy," Molly told me. Then, she reached over me for something.

"Well, what did you girls do last night while I was out?"

"Here," Molly said, shoving a book into my neck. "Read this."

"OK," I croaked through neck pain. "I will, but I want to know how your night was first."

"Read this! Read Olivia! I want you to read Olivia."

It wasn't just Olivia; it was Olivia Saves the Circus and probably my least favourite Ian Falconer book.  I groaned inwardly.

Molly opened the book to the first page. "Please read Olivia, Mummy."

She wouldn't be deterred.

So started our day.  Then came the usual requests to go to the library but we both have trouble understanding why it's closed on Mondays. Tomorrow, however, is Tuesday and I promised we'd go right after my training session.

It was great to see Devyn reading after school.  Instead of becoming frustrated when encountering unknown words, she actually welcomed help from me.  She was very excited about two nonfiction readers -- one about cats, the other about dogs -- that she'd signed out of the school library.  We read the book on cats at bedtime.  Molly, who refuses to nap during the day, was exhausted from a late night and preferred to take things apart today though we did thumb through some volcano books.  She didn't even request that I spell words for her and help her print them!

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