Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Another library day

Molly was especially busy at the library today.  It was like a second workout for me.  She learnt how to use the self-service book withdrawal and did so while Keith and I were talking.  One second she was playing at the Thomas table and the next she was balanced on the stool at the machine, clicking "continue" and looking for her card in order to swipe the barcode. I gasped when I saw her. It really was time to go.  Besides, the little children's area was filled to capacity at the end of the school day and we'd already been there for three hours.

Bing - Ted Dewan
Beach Babies Wear Shades - Michelle Sinclair Colman/illus. Nathalie Dion  (x2)
A Bed Full of Cats - Holly Keller
My Very First Look at Sizes - Christiane Gunzi
Now I Eat My ABCs - Pat Abrams/illus. Bruce Wolf (x3)
Disney Bolt: My Hero - Apple Jordan
The Playground - Debbie Bailey

Both Girls
Island Counting 1,2,3 (x4)
Follow Me, Mittens - Lola M. Schaefer - Devyn on her own, too (x2)

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