Saturday, April 29, 2006

Notes On A Reading Experience

Last night, I introduced Charlie Parker Played Be Bop to both my child and my husband. It's one hip book. (I even provided a preamble on Thelonious Monk.)

The story was well received last night and there were requests for an encore or two.

From Horn Book:

"Raschka has created a memorable tribute to jazz great Charlie Parker in
this rhymic, syncopated, compelling, funny celebration of a man and a musical
form. The brief text sings and swings and skips along, practically of its own
volition, while the pictures add humor and just the right amount of jazziness to
the mix. One of the most innovative picture books of recent times."

It stood neglected on our shelves for a very long time. What a shame! Its time had come, I suppose.

My little girl imitated every sound that she heard and asked me to repeat some phrases.

To get a sense of the story, go here. But having the book in hand, turning pages, and returning to favourite sounds is an experience I wouldn't want to miss.

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